Onb October 15, 2022, re-elect Car4ol Zanon for West Kelowna Council.

Looking to the Future

Up to the Task

The past 15 years have been full of rewarding experiences that have led Carol and her community to a new stage of growth and maturity. We met challenges and accomplished many things. As a brand-new community in 2007, we started with a blank slate and developed the philosophy and policies to help us develop a new and viable municipality. We hired highly motivated staff members who, in turn, helped us to form our strategic plans and budgets. Team work is the essence of our success. Now we must continue to look ahead to future planning needs and challenges, including:

  • Infrastructure needs – roads, sidewalks and sewers
  • Integration of master plans, strategies and financial resources
  • Preservation of the watershed with clean, safe water at an affordable price
  • Support for healthy lifestyles through recreation programs and parks
  • Waterfront and environmental protection and climate resilience
  • Energy reliability and security- No blackouts
  • Transportation, transit, trails and connectivity within the Municipality
  • Community safety including Fire and Police Services
  • Creation of Economic Development Corporation

Some issues require high levels of communication both within our community and with other agencies and governments, such as:

  • Pursuing community needs including attainable housing, health and social services
  • Working together with Westbank First Nations
  • Defining relationships with the Agriculture Land Commission (ALC)
  • Getting input from the West Kelowna business community.
Re-Elect Carol Zanon for West Kelowna Council