Carol has represented the people of the Westbank area then the City of West Kelowna as a City Councillor since 2007.

Carol's Bio

Carol is a parent, a scientist and a lawyer. She was born in Nova Scotia and has lived with her husband Carl in what is now known as West Kelowna since 1998. They have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

Carol has the qualifications to serve. She is very energetic and her goal in life is to help people through her hard work. She has been involved in community activities her whole life.

She obtained her M.Sc. from UBC in 1961. She did research at McGill University and at Harvard University, putting her two science degrees to good use. Her mentor, Konrad Bloch, won the 1964 Nobel Prize for medicine. In 1992 she went back to school at the University of Saskatchewan for her law degree and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1996.

Carol is an "animal person", having owned a variety of "critters" over the years, from gerbils to horses to dogs and more! Her home permits no pets, but she tries to enjoy them whenever she can.


While Carol Zanon has served on Council, here are a few of the notable milestones achieved by West Kelowna since the last election in 2014:

  1. 2015
    • Rosewood Sports Field and Neighbourhood of Learning Facility at Mar Jok school
    • West Kelowna becomes a city
    • West Kelowna and Westbank First Nation together receive the Communities in Bloom top award of 5 blooms
  2. 2016
    • Annette Beaudreau Amphitheater at Memorial Park
    • New skate park
  3. 2017
    • Grant of $41 million received for the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant (RVWTP)
    • 100 days of Emergency Operation Centre to cope with historical flooding levels with $5 million impact
    • Bridge replacement on Shannon Lake Road (flood casualty)
    • Celebrating 10th anniversary incorporation of West Kelowna
  4. 2018
    • Focus on water resources including RVWTP design, site and service integration as well as water rates
    • Approval of two major road projects design - Gellatly Road phase 4 and Glenrosa Road - Glen Abbey to McGinnis
    • Completion of water main construction and road works on Boucherie Road (Wine trail)